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Dollars + Sense
Generational Wealth

The best way to build Generational Wealth is to give the youth the knowledge and skills to become Financially Empowered!

Our Mission

is to

Create a Financially Literate Youth


Pick Your Program

At Dollars N Sense we offer a host of programs geared toward multi levels of learning, with the focus of making learning fun and accessible to everyone. Choose from our virtual or in-person classes, and start your child learning how to make their dollars, make sense.

Which one fits your child?

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We teach financial literacy to the young to the old.  All ages can benefit from our classes

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We offer many virtual and distance learning courses and games that make learning fun

Financially Literate Kids = Wealthy Family

What are Parents Saying About Our Classes?

"I really liked that there was a clear explanation about the difference between Net and Gross Pay.  Also the fact that you should " Pay Yourself " first was mentioned several times was huge in letting people know that's only 10% but very important."
JB's  Mom

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Dollars + Sense = Generational Wealth
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